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As Ruggiero in Alcina by G.F.Handel

Cape Town Opera

November 2022

"For me, the standouts were Setsoane Jeannette Ntseki as Morgana and Megan Kahts as Ruggiero who are both scene-stealers. Kahts commands the stage, even before she dons her army gear and Ntseki's comedic flair as the fickle and (frankly) often-aroused Morgana is a treat."

13 November 2022

Broadway World

"Megan Kahts in the trouser role of the Knight Ruggiero matched her performance with a sound grasp of persona, confident singing  and an unexpectedly compelling stage presence given her diminutive figure."

11 November 2022



"Megan Kahts' voice was rich with an adept delivery of her interpretation of Ruggiero."

15 November 2022

Die Burger


"Megan Kaht's [...] interpreted the role of the torn knight Ruggiero "devillishly" well in terms of the interplay of voice, presence, facial expressions and gestures. Delicate in her figure but powerful and nuanced in the design of the role and in her voice she has become a leading, oh why not, the leading mezzo-soprano in the baroque repertoire and also has an above-average presence in the Viennese classic."

15 November 2022

Der Online Merker

As Cherubino in Le Nozze di Figaro by W.A. Mozart

Cape Town Opera

June / July 2022

"As for Cherubino, newly transitioned lyric mezzo soprano Megan Kahts on début in the part makes it her own with gusto, playing the hormonal teenager to the hilt and singing boldly, a welcome inclusion in the array of colourful personae."

21 June 2022



"A wonderful mezzo, already well established internationally, especially in the baroque repertoire, and here a devilishly good Cherubino, a scoundrel, a rascal. Megan [...] sang and played everything against the wall, a miracle that this little devil was not put up against the wall by the Count. Superb and very laid back & fun; great voice and Mozart par excellence!"

16 July 2022

Der Online Merker

As Costanza in L'isola disabitata by J. Haydn

Teatro Barocco in Baden

March 2018

„Megan Kahts is fast becoming Teatro Barocco’s fixed star. She embodies the stylised baroque gesture with perfect grace and shapes the role of Costanza with a warm and dark coloured soprano.”

28 March 2018

Kurier Zeitung, Vienna

„Excellent the South African Megan Kahts as Costanza – she was the star of the big baroque performances in Stift Altenburg […] with fine expression and feeling for atmosphere.”

24 March 2018

Kronenzeitung, Vienna

As Despina in Cosi fan Tutte by W.A. Mozart

Teatro Barocco in the Schlosstheater Laxenburg

March 2017

 “The ensemble is very homogenic, yet the interpreter of Despina – the South African Megan Kahts – stands out especially. She scores equally in her own arias and in the scenes where she is disguised as the Doctor and the Notary. With erotic charm and vocal sovereignty, she plays the key role in this joyously-profound piece about love, jealousy and partner-swapping.”

12 March 2017

Der Neue Merker (Online)


„Megan Kahts lends her flexible, warm soprano, as well as her unbelievable choreographic agility, to the role of his accomplice, Despina; she even serves small obscenities with charm and grace.”

11 March 2017

Kurier Zeitung, Vienna


„the ravishing Megan Kahts as cheeky, capricious Despina“

11 March 2017

Die Kronenzeitung, Vienna

“Vivacious: Megan Kahts

Above all, Megan Kahts, with her theatre-temperament as Despina, and also with her nasal-quacking interpretation of the miracle healer (by the example of the Viennese doctor and magnetizer Franz Anton Mesmer) and of the notary, contributed to the infectious comedy of the evening.”

10 March 2017

Die Presse, Vienna

As Timaea in Pallas Athene weint by E. Krenek

Neue Oper Wien in Halle E, Museumsquartier Wien

October 2016

“… the driven Timaea (straight to the heart: Megan Kahts)”

26 October 2016

Die Wiener Zeitung

„...his wife Timaea (thrilling Megan Kahts)“

27. Oktober 2016

Der Standard

„... while Megan Kahts colours the attractive Queen of Sparta, searching for human contact, with warm tones"

27. October 2016

Kurier Zeitung Wien

As Tisbe in Piramo e Tisbe by J.A. Hasse

Teatro Barocco in Stift Altenburg

Juni-Juli 2016

"Megan Kahts (Tisbe) unfolds her warm streaming soprano with blooming high notes."

27 June 2016

Kurier, Vienna


 "The tragic role of Tisbe, protrayed by the South African soprano Megan Kahts, is both vocally as well as dramatically acted impressionably and sung with strong expression."

9 July 2016

Online Merker, Vienna

As Susanna in “Le Nozze di Figaro” by Mozart

Teatro Barocco in Schloss Laxenburg

February 2016

"Megan Kahts gives life to the role of Susanna, not only musically, but as the evening progresses, she mixes in a darker timbre over all registers – moving and seducing.“

19. Februar 2016

Wiener Zeitung

"A wonderful Susanna is the South African soprano Megan Kahts; picture-pretty with a voice filled with the fragrance of roses, heartfelt and yet full of passion.”

21. Februar 2016

Der Neue Merker


As Ossipowna in „The Nose“ by Shostakovich

Neue Oper Wien in the Vienna Kammeroper

October 2015

"Optically and vocally provocative as the already mentioned blonde woman and equally so in other roles, is the South African soprano Megan Kahts."

23 Oktober 2015

Radio Klassik Stephansdom (podcast),Österreich

"Amidst all the stage action, the wife of the barber, Megan Kahts, catapults herself upward."

29 Oktober 2015

Falter Zeitung Wien, Österreich


As Gretel in „Hänsel und Gretel“ by Humperdinck

Opernakademie Bad Orb

August 2013

“Megan Kahts as vivacious Gretel with a mellifluous, slender soprano”

17 August 2013

Fuldaer Zeitung

“…for the Gretel of Megan Kahts, whose radiant soprano, with its secure high notes, also highlighted the intricate facets of the role.”

17 August 2013


“Megan Kahts‘ soprano glows with her expression throughout, with which she shapes the role full of emphasis, warmth and flair”

19 August 2013

Gelnhäuser Tageblatt

“Soprano Megan Kahts enchanted us as the girly and playful Gretel, who full of zeal, animates her brother to dance with her, and who gives expression to Gretel’s doubt in the forest with a strong voice, which penetrated even the full orchestral sound.”

 17 August 2013

Hanauer Anzeige

As Norina in Don Pasquale

Salon Music in the ZK Matthews Hall of UNISA

May 2008


"Megan Kahts as Norina is vocally ideal. She sings the arias with ease and glitters with clear projection in the ensembles."

Newspaper: Beeld,

23 May 2008

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